Every parent has a dream for his child…that one day, he will grow up into a responsible and successful person. It is human nature to hold this dream…….however, often we seem to interfere in the process of the child’s reasoning & decision making abilities, thus hindering their full potential from being explored.
That is exactly the reason why the Jr. DESIGN WORKSHOP was initiated by Mr. R. I. Dave (Raja Sir, of DESIGN WORKSHOP fame), as this is not just another place where kids can come and develop their skills; it is also meant to catch them young. To elaborate this in the words of Raja Sir, “On noticing the kind of attitude that kids develop by the time they are teenagers, I usually have to put in a few sessions for attitude correction – apart from design orientations – in my regular DESIGN WORKSHOP batches.”
This also has a lot to do with the Parents’ behavior & way of handling their children. So if we can begin to provide the right environment for the child from the right age, the kids can develop into much better persons & also do a lot more with their life; increase their capacities. That is why we also organize Parent Orientation Sessions – for the benefit of both; children & parents (and not to mention society!).
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