Some highlights:-
•Students are taught by the expert himself – Raja Sir, assisted by his team.
•Studying at DESIGN WORKSHOP is an all round development. Though students come here to sharpen their skills in drawing/sketching/art, some advantages they have as a byproduct are personality development, the rights & wrongs about a designer’s attitude, thought process towards life; i.e. Success principles that will be helpful to you no matter what you chose to do later in life.
•It’s a very different environment from the regular classroom. In fact, students learn out-of-the-box thinking; which proves very useful in taking decisions, as well as in designing. 
•Because the classes are not aimed at commercialization, the quality of teaching is very high & at the same time, each student’s strong & weak points are recognized & worked upon for improvement & maximizing results.
So what really sets DESIGN WORKSHOP apart from the competition, is the whole new perspective to life that we learn here, the personality & attitude enhancement, the comprehensive teaching approach to the field of designing – including the inimitable site visits, and every well-planned drawing/designing exercise, the brain-storming sessions (group discussions)...............................the list is REALLY endless. In short, there’s just no other learning experience like it!
Apart from these highlights, here’s a bottom line that would interest you even more; no matter what you want to be in life, being a part of the DESIGN WORKSHOP at least once, is an excellent investment for your future life & career. That’s because DESIGN WORKSHOP is not just about learning a few drawing skills; it’s about your whole personality & what you become, it’s a life changing event, for the better.
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